Alex Diaz

Alex Diaz

Strategy + Engineering

Alex once said he’d never work with computers. Some years later, Alex works with computers. A web developer with a background in NGO and government work, he’s a lifetime learner, always absorbing information that might come in handy in the next big project. Whenever he’s not coding, he’s usually doing one of two things: reading Brandon Sanderson books (he usually publishes another one by the time he’s done with the last one) or feeding a (regrettable) addiction to League of Legends.

An expert in:

Building accessible user interfaces.

A beginner at:


Local Recommendation:

Casagrande in Monterrey, Mexico.

What book have you most often gifted to others?

Persona Normal by Benito Taibo.

What’s on your “learn next” list?

I’ve been meaning to learn Rust for a while.

What’s your favorite tool for self-education?

Freecodecamp is a really good starting place for anyone that wants to start programming.

Tabs v Spaces?


Let’s turn your customers into fans.