Catherine Suh

Catherine Suh

Strategy + Design

Catherine is driven to craft visually joyful experiences that are also cognitively delightful to use. Drawing from her art background, she navigates design with empathy and research as her guiding north star. Translating abstract ideas into intuitive products is just another part of her daily routine next to brewing up the perfect, not too sweet milk tea. Off-duty, you'll find her playing around with clay and paint–outsourcing her zanier ideas into art.

An expert in:

Pixel-pushing digital experiences, troubleshooting your UX woes, & whipping up illustrations.

A beginner at:


Local Recommendation:

Majordomo (a real korean american dream!).

What’s the part of your morning routine you’ll never skip?

Making my tea (or in cases of emergencies, coffee). Being more strategic with my caffeine consumption has really leveled up my productivity and reshaped how I want to be more mindful of capitalism’s favorite drug.

What do you want to be remembered for?

Can’t pinpoint exactly what I want my legacy to be, but I hope when people remember me, the feeling they associate with me is like a warm sunny day in LA!

What keeps you up at night?

My phone. Someday I’d love to be kept up with introspective shower thoughts, but my algorithm seems to get better the sleepier I get.

What makes you feel inspired?

Interacting with real products. Why scan code isn’t scanning. Why are sporks not spooning nor forking. Biggest source of my inspiration comes from problems I’d want to resolve.

What’s your favorite design book?

Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug has excellent principles with practical design advice that rings true for a lot of the foundational work of creating great user experiences.

What gives you clarity when you are looking for the right way to design what you are currently working on?

Seek Feedback. I never underestimate the power of getting out of my own head and seeking feedback from my peers or researching online for similar use cases to expand my bias.

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