Nathan Kennedy

Nathan Kennedy

Strategy + Engineering

Nathan has a background in international NGO work, but has always had a love for building things. So he taught himself web development, started as an intern with Niftic and hasn't left. When he isn't building websites he can be found out in the mountains, most likely hiking, kayaking, or biking. He also loves a good Nintendo game and bingeing old Survivor episodes with his wife.

An expert in:

Messy watercolor sketches; writing loud, stupid music.

A beginner at:

Video game development.

Local North Carolina Recommendation:

The best Indian restaurant in the world is Mint, in Boone NC.

What keeps you up at night?

Pretty much anything! (Nathan is blessed with occasionally crippling insomnia)

What’s a favorite productivity hack?

Listening to Cheney Pinata by the Bad Plus on repeat

What’s something you could have done manually in a short amount of time, but instead built code to automate it even though it took longer?

Sometimes I open a JavaScript console to do VERY simple arithmetic (think 2 + 5). Just to be sure.

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