Tom Doyle

Tom Doyle

Strategy + Engineering

Tom is a developer with a huge passion for the ways engineering and design intersect. From a young age they have combined their fascination with computers with their obsessive problem solving mindset to create elegant solutions, eventually focusing on the field of front-end web development. When they aren’t building websites they spend their free time producing music, creating digital art, and walking around the city of Los Angeles they were born and raised in.

An expert in:

Web development, music production, and digital art.

A beginner at:

Playing the Otamatone.

Local L.A. Recommendation:

Found Oyster in East Hollywood.

If you could choose the name of the next coding language? What would it be?


What’s on your “learn next” list?

The live musical improvisation language TidalCycles.

What’s the part of your morning routine you’ll never skip?

Making a pot of coffee.

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