David Herzog

David Herzog

Strategy + Design

Founding partner at Niftic, former professional skier, and now design leader. David has a passion for creating story-driven brands and innovative digital products that solve real-world problems and delight customers.

He firmly stands on the side of sustainability and climate-conscious behaviour. David actively seeks clients that align with his values and finds purpose in helping organizations such as ClimateWorks, Forests People Climate, Ocean Visions, Drive Electric Campaign, and Venture For America grow and succeed in this digital age.

As a Reforge-taught growth practitioner, David applies design principles and product growth frameworks developed by industry experts to drive innovation in the tech industry.

An expert in:

Strategy-led Design, Story-driven Brands, Product Growth Management

A beginner at:


Local D.C. recommendation:

Seylou Bakery on 926 N Street, Washington, D.C.

What should everyone in design either stop or start doing?

It seems like everybody in the industry is jumping on aggressive growth trends. While a strong experimentation ethos can unlock opportunities, we must also bring ethical and sustainable practices along with us to avoid a less inclusive internet.

What’s your favourite design book?

Josef Müller-Brockmann's Gestaltungsprobleme. Basics that build a strong foundation to break the rules.

David’s Insights

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